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Petra Labazan is Professional Oboist and Oboe Professor specialized in both, modern and historical Oboes 

She's been active as freelance Musician since 2003 , performing music as soloist and solo oboist with orchestras, chamber music groups and collaborating with other musicians

Petra Labazan was born in Croatian city of Čakovec, where she received her first music lessons playing accordion. 

Her passion towards music led her to Varaždin Music School  where she started to learn playing oboe at the age of 18.

It didn't take her long to enroll in oboe studies at the Music Academy of the University of Zagreb, which she successfully completed in 2003 under the tuition of Branko Mihanović.


During her studies, she took baroque music class with Mario Penzar and for four years she was a scholarship holder of the Austrian International Summer School Prague-Wien Budapest.

She continued postgraduate studies at the Conservatoire de Lausanne (Switzerland) , class of Vincent Gay-Balmaz. 

She perfected music interpretation as a soloist with a numerous renowned oboists such as: Gerhard Turetschek, Klaus Leinbacher, Adolf Traar, Emilia Csanky, Matej Šarc, Simon Dent, Fabian Menzel, Roland Perrenoud; as well as chamber music with musicians, among whom David Schnebelli, Gabor Janota, Adam Friedrich, Alfred Prinz, Andreas Helm, Laurence Cummings, Adrian Butterfield stand out.

Since 2007, she has been engaged in Historically Informed Performance of early music, playing baroque oboe.

As a soloist and as a chamber musician, she performed throughout Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania.

She achieved successful collaborations with numerous domestic and foreign orchestras and ensembles 


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